Typically, every parent has to pay for daycare, kindergarten and some may opt to send their children to private or international schools.?Some might continue with government school paying very minimal fees. The journey ends in University or College where the majority have to take study loans to complete their programs.

Those who chose the private education path would have to spend at least over 200 thousand ringgit up until high school with an additional 50 to 70K for university level.

Upon graduation the children will be rewarded with not just a degree but also a study loan to start their career. Meaning, they have to begin their adult life with a negative start!

I have been working round -the-clock trying to find ways how we can help. How can we give our children better roadmaps without over burdening them with loans and still manage to get the best education for them.

Alhamdulillah! We now offer FREE Education for all!

What you need is an upfront payment of RM100k at the start of the journey. Pay nothing more on your children’s fees from kindergarten all the way to our university (we are in the process of starting our Raudhah University). By the end of graduation your child will get back the RM100k that you paid! That’s it! They will get RM100k to start their new life as an adult!

This is FREE Education!
You get Free Daycare,
Free Preschool,
Free Elementary School,
Free High school,
Free University!

Need more information? Come to our FREE Education program preview tomorrow Wednesday @ 6pm @ Brainy Bunch HQ, Raudhah City, Cyberjaya


Your loving
Coach Fadzil

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